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The business of humanity



There’s nothing quite like a successful person with a genuine smile to cheer the spirits.  I really enjoy seeing my perceptions and assumptions challenged in any area, but around money and wealth in particular. I was hard-wired to view wealth as the product of capitalist evil.

Encountering people who have created wealth whilst endeavouring to operate their business with integrity and genuine desire for betterment inspires me.  This list could apply to any one of us in any degree of interaction, and should.

Hats off to Richard and his smiley face.


Here’s another good one from the Dalai Lama..

ah yes.

listen first


For some reason this quote and I have only just got acquainted. It’s a good one, and brings to mind the expression ‘spouting off’ which has always made me smile.

The very same reason is probably responsible for why another related adage had passed me by;

You have two ears and one mouth. Apply them in that order”.

Ah yes, again. Hmm.

I received a lovely comment to a post recently.  It was about the process of blogging, and how it had helped her learn when to speak, and when to shut up.  A most valuable lesson.

Hmm, again.

Can you see a pattern emerging?

I’m passing them on, these synchronistic phrases, quietly and thoughtfully.  Today’s gift for you, with not another word from me.

Responses, however, are most welcome.


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A very Sunday post….


This is so true, isn’t it? It reminds me that we really are capable of moving through our difficulties and beyond. Once we’re at that point, the former fades away. All that angst, all those tears…gone. Passed through, into the new.

That line in Desiderata by Max Ehrmann;

“Avoid loud and aggressive people, they are vexatious to the spirit”

Too true. We always have choice, and that includes the company we keep. Some are so busy appearing to help us. Those that help us, nurture us, care for our hearts and our thoughts; they’re the ones to value and hold close.

Here’s to good people. I hope you find them, and they find you.



Humble thoughts and honest reflections

Bertrand Russell.  Now there’s a man.  From the days when people thought, and other people listened, and changes were made because what those people said made sense, and had vision.

Bertrand Russell

Yesterday I was pondering on my own actions, delving to see where the roots of them lay.

Here’s the picture;

I’ve been pre-occupied with trying to pay off my mortgage (does this ring a bell?) but there’s a pay-off with that. Making lump-sum early payments is a prudent way of safeguarding my family’s finances.  If I pay it early, that puts me in a better position to help my children’s transition to adulthood. Especially if interest rates increase.  From many angles (I won’t bore you) it makes sense.

There’s a big however, though.

Unsurprisingly, it means a financial shortfall in the here-and-now.  And there’s the dilemma. Because that money could facilitate opportunities and experience that could formulate memories for my children.  Not big things.  Not trips to Disneyland, not ‘tick list’ stuff, but things that feel right, like a trip in a campervan.  Things that I always felt, as a parent, I would want to give to my children.

It’s not rocket-science.

And I wondered; have I been following this path of simplicity too far? Have I become an addict of abstinence? Has what I set out to achieve become somehow inverted?  Where is the tipping point between simplicity and slavery?

It was at this point that I read this quote:

Conscious self-denial leaves a man self-absorbed and vividly aware of what he has sacrificed; in consequence it fails often of its immediate object and almost always of its ultimate purpose.

What is needed is not self-denial, but that kind of direction of interest outward which will lead sponteneously and naturally to the same acts that a person absorbed in the pursuit of his own virtue could only perform by means of conscious self-denial.

(Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness).

Perhaps I’ve been trying too hard.  Perhaps the time has come to rest a bit, to play a little.  Time to step back from worrying over the future, and get on with the present.  Before it’s gone, and there’s no time left to make memories with.  Less in, and more out. Perhaps it’s not so much about identifying a plan, but the feel of what I’m hoping to achieve, and making all my actions resonate with that. Now that would be a plan worth having.



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That would do it…


Do you feel this, sometimes?

That you have the secret ingredient, that you know the answers and if you could just sprinkle your fairy dust (if it was in your pocket) everything would be ok… people would just get it… THAT simple?

I tried it, with the wonderwoman pants (see archives!).  I’m not sure it worked (looking around me with my real-world eyes) but I still really really like wearing them. They always make me smile.

I’m very, very interested in the power of objects. What we invest into them and how they affect our lives. And there’s no doubt we all think capes and tiaras are really rather special.  All that swishing and glittering.  Swish I’m superman. Curtsey if you please; I’m powerful.  And lovely with it.  And you know it, don’t you?

What if….

What if we just pretended the tiaras and the capes and the wonderwoman pants?

Maybe if we just practiced the feeling that tiaras and capes would bring, REALLY felt that feeling, every day, little shifts of patterns might occur.  We might begin to experience our posture aligning to a tiara.  We might develop a sexy glint in our eye to give that final flourish to a cape swish.  We might even learn how it feels to fly.

All very whimsical, obviously. But a little bit of it, just a bit, might be true, mightn’t it?

You never know til you try.

Go, superman, go! At the least, you’ll smile a bit.